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    Can A Place Be The Best Medicine?

    I am having my morning coffee, looking out past the end of our terrace to our awakening town.

    It rained overnight, so there are small puddles on the tiles and the air is cool, not cold.

    I am allowing the calm beauty of San Miguel de Allende to seep into my soul.

    It is a great time for contemplation.

    Have you ever thought not only, “what is my place in the world?” but “where in the world is my place?”

    They are questions worth thinking about. Especially now, when the world is in turmoil. And most people are too.

    The first question is one for the ages. Tomes written and entire lives spent trying to eke out an answer that may never be found.

    The second question, where is my place? My dot on a map. My grounding. Where I place my feet. Where I feel home. Where I am my best me. That might be a bit easier. But the search might be just as long. You have to open your mind to it.

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