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    TRIGGER ALERT – Eating Disorder

    Before Karen Carpenter the truth wasn’t out in the world, afterwards, I just ignored it. Eating Disorders can creep up on you. Throughout my life, they would resurface and I don’t remember much time without putting my body through one form or another.

    The number one killer of mental illness is eating disorders. They can affect both men and women.

    I tried every one of them, multiples at a time even. And I did come close to dying, with seventy-eight pounds on my 5″6″ frame. Threatened with hospitalization. Then I removed myself from the heartache and pain I was going through in the United States and went to Mexico to visit my best friend Glenn, who is now my husband. It is there, that I gave myself permission to eat a bit. I was away from my stressors, and Glenn and I would dine out on rooftops in candlelight, toasting each other with wine while brilliant sunsets capped off the evenings. I returned to a place in myself that I thought was gone forever.

    My eating disorder can go dormant, but I don’t think I will ever be rid of the disordered thinking that brings one on. It is always just under the surface.

    Eating Disorders can kill. If you have one or think you have one, please seek help.  NAMI    Mayo Clinic  

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