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Memoir 1

    Memoir 1

    The First Time I Got Fired From Faces International

    (in rough draft form, memoir #1)

    There it was, the classified I had been waiting for. The job didn’t sound mundane. It sounded creative and interesting, and I could have a persona. I liked jobs I could create myself into characters with.

    Faces, International. A talent marketing magazine. The entertainment industry.

    What more could I ask for?

    I wanted the job as a talent consultant, I could see myself in an office molding young and old ingenues. Deciding their fate. Would we, the magazine the industry trusted, be providing them with the best of the best?

    I believed the hype. But they relegated me to a receptionist to start, with the promise that when the next consultant position became available, I was at the top of the list.

    I hated being a receptionist!

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