About Me

Hi, I am Ria.

I am smiling. This has not always been the case. But my husband and I have found our perfect home.

We write an Expat Lifestyle and Travel Blog called Our Prime Of Life. And that is the perfect description of our lives since Glenn retired in 2017.

We live in the lovely, relaxed, Mexican town of San Miguel De Allende in Centro Mexico, where we have temporary residency.  We moved here after we sold our house in Temescal, Oakland, CA in 2018. It has been the absolute best decision we have made, and there are not enough good words to describe how caring, vivacious, and lovely the inhabitants are.

Here I can be my best self. Most of the triggers and stressors of life in the Bay Area and the United States are dormant. And even with COVID accommodations taking place in town we still have beautiful walks and gorgeous sunsets to center us.

In February 2020 several people encouraged me to write my memoirs. Many had listened to my stories for years or watched them enfold. So, I will try and do my best to share my life fears, episodes, joys, and lessons.

My memoir is titled “Becoming Content With a Scattered Mind.” – my journey through chaos to contentment with Bipolar 1, ADHD, and Eating Disorders.