Planning and Writing

    A Newbie Writer Doesn’t Have To Do It Alone

    Writing can be lonely. Starting out daunting. But you don’t have to do it alone.

    I have posted previously how I love my writer’s groups and the good they have done me. As a newbie writer last year, I was clueless. How to write, how to structure, determine my audience, stay committed.

    I was so lucky to find right away a group of writers in San Miguel de Allende where I make my home. They have been incredibly welcoming and encouraging. And it is so helpful to check in with them every week. Feel a commitment.

    I have increased my circle after being introduced to other groups. It is like crochet, each loop brings you to another way to grow.

    Over the year, I have taken part in workshops through the San Miguel Writer’s Conference and Literary Sala, and elsewhere. Each one opening up my mind and giving me a hand towards improvement.

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