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    The Winner Is Michelle Myers

    Today is National Reach As High As You Can Day! Go ahead, you can do it!

    Join me in giving a big congratulations to Michelle Myers, the winner of my women’s writing contest – “Embrace The Changing You!” and the $200 prize. 

    Michelle is opting to use the money for a writer’s workshop to hone her craft or donate it to a cause close to her heart.

    Michelle’s wonderful essay titled “Ideal Writing Place” received the most votes from all my readers of the five finalist essays written to the prompt “Write about a positive change you made or a discovery about yourself in 2020 that celebrates the authentic you.”

    Thank you and congratulations to the other four finalists and to all the other essayists who entered and wrote from the heart. This was a fun contest to run and I was so pleased with the result that I am hoping to have another essay contest next year.

    Essay 1 – Rose and The Vampire of Ogrencisi – Shalom Aranas

    Essay 2 – Discovering Me 2020 – KristyLyn Reddy

    Essay 4 – Speak Up! Now or Never! – MJ Pramik

    Essay 5 – Embracing My Writing Self – Diane Stevens 



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