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    I Had To Walk A Rocky Path, To Get To Where I Am

    I got here, today, now, by putting one foot in front of the other. Well, sometimes crawling, dancing, skipping, and falling off a cliff.

    Life throws everything at us, in dribs and drabs or as a water balloon hitting the target at a dunk tank, immersing us, drowning us, drenching.

    I went through life joyously dancing the Samba, or writhing, parched for a drop of hope in a desert of despair.

    I have had time-outs, experienced being fired; numerous times, and rode a wave of creating revolutionary special interest tours: which didn’t pan out, and left me bereft.

    I have stayed awake for years, closing my eyes for an hour, only to bounce back up with burning eyes in a painful body. Sleep eluded me.

    I have crashed, remaining in bed for weeks, burrowed into my covers, blocking out life. Hopeless.

    Shutting out the world.

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