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A New Facebook Writers’ Group In San Miguel

San Miguel is such an incredibly creative town. The lack of in-person social gatherings has tempered our spirits a bit, but many are still occupying our time with artistic endeavors.

For writers, the San Miguel Writers’ Conference is still offering amazing keynotes, literary events, and workshops.

Blogs are still being written. Books published and released. ZOOM meetings called to order.

In keeping with the need for outlets, and offer a group where San Miguel authors and writers can find each other and support, encourage, and network. I have started a Facebook Group – Writers Of San Miguel De Allende.

The group, of course, will be what we all join in and make of it, and I encourage any author/writer who lives or has a home base in San Miguel to join. Since I posted the group yesterday afternoon, we have eighteen members and I look forward to welcoming more.

About (as seen on our home page) 

I created this group for anyone in San Miguel who has a story to tell. To offer a networking space, share writing tips, offer encouragement to other San Miguel Writers, and post our goals and successes, and offer support.

All posts should be about writing, publishing, formatting, etc. related. No politics, no religion (unless it is the subject of your writing), no controversial topics, and no inappropriate selling e.g. make-up posts.

Who should be here?

1) You’re positive, interested in connecting with other awesome SMA writers, and will communicate in an uplifting way.

2) You are an Author or Writer in SMA

3) You are a new or established writer interested in the craft and practice of writing and everything connected with that.

Note: Only those who answer the membership questions can join.


For our San Miguel Bloggers, I have a separate Facebook Group – Bloggers of San Miguel de Allende, which is still active. If you live in San Miguel or it is your home base and you have a blog, you are welcome to join. Once again, you will need to answer the membership questions.

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