What I am Working On

I seem to be all over the place nowadays. Writing, Photography, trip planning, living a grand life after a despairing one.

I set out in 2020 to write my memoirs about life with Bipolar1 and ADHD – experiences – Happy Happy Joy Joy, Good, Bad, and Ugly.

COVID set in right after I began after being edged along by a San Miguel de Allende writing group. And I took to the book (there are 2 actually) with relish. Diving in, surfacing, and diving right back down.

I write about what my goal was after a rocky start in the blog post “I Am Just Writing A Memoir

I became a “writer” a definition, a title different than those of my past. And after two years of spinning a bit with long-term goals – editor, agent, publisher route, I decided to head off on another delivery route for my two memoirs.

They will still be published. But in a way that is conducive to my better mental health.

Allowing myself “free reign” to put the real me, the unedited me into the world has taken a weight off my shoulders. And after a mental block that has lasted for months trying to figure out why writing was becoming so hard, I feel a return to my writing is now just what I need.

I have added another goal. Photography was my first love. Crafting photos on my two Round The World trips really placed the search for a “click” into my blood. I am juggling both Writing and Photography trying to find a complimentary balance to include both as I move forward.

Sure, this path will take a while, but please follow along on my journey by SUBSCRIBING in the Sidebar.

And, watch for a major announcement next year.