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Wrapping Up 2020, My Horrible, Wonderful Year

At the beginning of 2020, no one knew what was in store.

Glenn and I had plans to travel to multiple countries when we weren’t basking in the sun in our little corner of the world, San Miguel de Allende.

I hadn’t yet thought of writing a memoir, let alone two of them. And I had no inkling of the amazing people who would enter my life, and at such a fortuitous time.

I didn’t know how much my mental health/illness would be challenged, and that I would come through the year proud of myself. I recognize that the work I have done over the past 25 years has had a purpose in making me the healthy, strong, woman I am today. Now, I want to pass those lessons on to others.

On my path, I started this blog and wrote posts I felt passionate about. Some are linked here:

My writing year has not been smooth sailing. I started by diving headfirst into classes, research, and comparisons, which made my mind cluttered and out of control. But after floundering in mayhem I made the decision to put the brakes on and relax, figuring out progress could be made while maintaining peace of mind. As I reigned myself in, I realized that I don’t want my writing to become another job. I had had enough of those, I am retired. I want to stay that way. And, I can do so by deciding I am just going to write my memoirs, and let go of any preconceived notions of what I thought I had to be doing to be an author. Hopefully, they will be well received and help someone. If that happens with one person, I will have achieved my goal.

I was given encouragement in March by three authors who convinced me that I could put my feet on my own path and write. And throughout the year I have found great camaraderie and support through the many writer’s groups I have joined. In this competitive age, it was brilliant to find so many writers invested in the success of others. ZOOM has certainly been a lifesaver for many this year. And one silver lining of COVID has been making use of this platform for bringing people together. There is no way I would have met and worked with so many from all over the world. ZOOM has been my sanity.

I have created a few Facebook Groups (Bloggers and Writers of San Miguel de Allende) to network and discover others with my same interests.

COVID, snarled its way through everyone’s psyche this year. A surprise to all and misery for most. This could have spelled disaster to the old me. The one that sped out of control at the slightest provocation. But, Glenn and I came to the realization that the life we were living in the Bay Area was not what we wanted for our retirement years. I was not getting better and we needed change. So, three years ago, we sold everything and found our hearts landing in San Miguel. A town that is truly our best medicine. I continue to post on our Lifestyle and Travel Blog Our Prime Of Life

I still rev myself up and need to regroup. But I can now recognize what is happening long before life gets dangerous or unstable.

I have stopped hiding! I have realized that I did not bring mental illness down on myself because I am a bad or lazy person. Now, on my own mission, I am trying to do a little part in bringing mental health challenges out into the open. To get away from guilt and stereotypes.

I am not necessarily as far along with my first memoir rough draft as I would like to be. But, that is ok too. Because I still have a husband I love, who supports me daily, and a wonderful life that I want to participate in. It will all get done when it is supposed to. I am done beating myself up.

COVID is a glitch in our lives. A bad one, a destructive one. But, instead of allowing myself to be destroyed by it. To fall into my unhealthy patterns, I am learning I am stronger than I thought. And that is a brilliant thing.

I give thanks to everyone that helped me through 2020. My life is richer because of you.

And, I wish everyone a better 2021. Let’s all make it a New Year.

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