Excerpts and Rough Drafts

My memoirs are in process. There is a long path ahead of me.

I thought I would give you a few ideas of what I am writing about. I am definitely in the rough draft stage and will be for quite a while. I have a lot to write about. I will start you off with the freebee – “Becoming Her.”  This should be the first essay in Memoir 1 – “Unraveling.”

I am writing in essay form. That may change but it seems to work best as my life has been started and stopped in its tracks often and so sectional is the way I am presenting it.

Like I could never decide on just one.

My first memoir (the one I am now working on) is about my life up till age forty-two. University. Twenty jobs to homelessness.  Three summers in Europe, two round-the-worlds, and other trips. ADHD and Bipolar 1. Twelve homes. Bankruptcy #1. My own business. Being a chameleon. Eating disorders. Chaos.

My second memoir is about four years of homelessness, second bankruptcy, searching for mental health help in six counties, and finding it in Santa Maria, CA. Complete breakdown. Death of a boyfriend. Move to the Bay Area where I acknowledge love. Marriage and recuperation. Hope. Finding me again. Move to Mexico at sixty and becoming balanced and able to participate fully in life.

The working title of Memoir 1 is “Unraveling” and my second memoir is “Becoming Content With a Scattered Mind”  And they may change. But that is it in a nutshell.

I was going to pursue traditional publishing. But after a long mental tussle, I have decided on a route less traditional. It will be me taking a chance and jumping forward. A path that will encourage participation and community and will launch sometime next year.

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