Why Memoirs

I am a cameleon, constantly changing. It took me forty years to find out I was Bipolar 1 and ADHD, and sixty to become content with it all. I am writing my memoirs to share the path I had to take to determine what kind of life works best for me and to make the necessary changes.

I have stayed in $1,000 a night per person safari camps, for free, and homeless shelters, also for free. I have traveled around the world twice with a backpack visiting 53 countries and enjoyed one of my careers as a travel consultant. I had an over-the-cliff breakdown where I couldn’t even write my name. And, I have a brilliant best friend, who stuck by me for 27 years. Now my husband, he wraps me in his arms and tells me I am wonderful. I believe him.

I want to show that someone with a Bipolar 1 diagnosis is not always switching between the despair of debilitating depressions or the craziness of uncontrollable mania. My Bipolar life can be as rich as anyone else’s. I just had to stop a moment and listen. Hopefully this will encourage others with the diagnosis to persevere. I am stronger than I thought.

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