Writing My Memoirs

I am writing a memoir and I have ADHD and Bipolar 1. It is going to be a bumpy ride.


Right before COVID-19, I started four San Miguel de Allende FaceBook Social Media Groups.

An Instagram friend and author – Lainey Cameron, was at our first SMA Instagrammers meeting. We had been messaging each other for almost two years about starting a group. Now it had finally happened.

La Azotea, a rooftop lounge in Centro SMA, was the backdrop for a meeting of sixteen Instagrammers hoping to grow their brand, learn about the Instagram platform or simply meet with like-minded posters on IG. Then COVID happened and we have been in limbo since.

However, after the meeting broke up, I spoke with authors Lainey, Barbara Cole, Donna Meyer. I mentioned I wanted to write a memoir about my fragmented life with Bipolar 1 and ADHD. 

They encouraged me!

And, that encouragement, along with steadfast friends willing to pause a moment and read some of my fledgling work, finds me launching my Blogger/Author’s blog and writing my first of two memoirs.

My mother died in November 2019 and I gave myself permission to take flight and pursue this long-time goal.

I know I am embarking on a very lengthy, arduous process. I am hoping to learn a lot along the way, and I want you to join me as I wiggle through my self-doubts and less than perfect grammar to create memoirs I can be proud of, and hopefully, others can learn from. 

My working title is “Becoming Content With a Scattered Mind” and it is my journey from chaos to contentment with Bipolar 1 and ADHD. 

Let’s start the journey.

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